Garth Brooks appears on NBC's The Voice tonight (Monday, November 14th) at 8 p.m. ET. The superstar offered his thoughts and perspective to the finalists on all four judges’ teams during last week's taping, and as Garth tells us, it was a different experience from one team to another. [“It was cool. Everybody was sweet. Working with Blake was pretty easy, just ‘cause, you know, he’s from Oklahoma, and it was Adam, probably, was the big surprise. Adam seems real hip and cool, but Adam’s very old school. The main thing was just listen to the advice he was giving ‘em, and then just pile on top of that. The one where I was a little over my head was Miley Cyrus. Her guys had picked stuff that was a little out of my fringe, so all I could do was basically talk to them about the bigger picture. And then Alicia Keys, I think, is the lion that doesn’t have to roar. She just walks up; she’s so sweet, takes care of her artists. But they all really care about the artists and really care about the music.”] SOUNDCUE (:38 OC: . . . about the music.)

Garth appears on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow (Tuesday, November 15th). He is set to perform for the entire show, followed by a block party concert behind the theater where the show tapes on Wednesday (November 16th).

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