The CD booklet of Granger Smith's latest album, When The Good Guys Win, includes a special note from the singer to those fans who take the time to listen to every song on the project. Granger explains: [“I think I put in there, ‘a few of these songs will be heard by many and many of these songs will be heard by only a few.’ That’s the way that music has gone. It’s not good or bad but that’s the turn that commercialized music has taken. I took a lot of effort into sequencing the songs and to picking songs and writing songs and recording songs with the mindset of not all of these are gonna be singles. I definitely put some album cuts in there because I felt like it needed to be a journey. I felt like every song didn’t need to sound like it should be on the radio. Putting those songs in order and writing and picking and recording those songs is kind of a lost art and it’s not really very important, but it is to me, and so that’s why I wrote that in the liner notes, that if you’re reading this you’re one of the few and thank you for being someone of my own heart.”] SOUNDCUE (:53 OC: . . . my own heart.)

Granger's latest single from When The Good Guys Win, "Happens Like That," sits at Number 21 on the Billboard Country Singles chart this week.

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