He's got one Number One hit under his belt and another potential one quickly climbing the charts, but Granger Smith admits he's always a little nervous about whether anyone's going to show up at his concerts. Despite regularly packing clubs and theaters, Granger tells us he's always updating the status of each show. “Our booking agency has a site with all my dates and has a ticket count and I go there religously. I just scroll through mindlessly looking at ticket sales because there's something in me that always thinks, 'Is this gonna end tomorrow?' I will always ask my band and crew every single show, it doesn't matter how many tickets are sold, it doesn't matter if it's sold out, I will say, 'How's it look,' and so many times they'll go, 'It's great! It's packed,' and I'll say, 'Do they look excited,' you know (laughs). They're like, 'Yeah, just shut up. Yes, it's gonna be great.' I kind of obsess a little bit about that, like 'is it empty,' because I've had a lot — a lot — of those nights. 'How's it look?' 'Well, you want the good news or bad news? The good news is they're excited. The bad news is there's only like 12 of 'em.' (laughs). I've had a lot of those.” .

His latest single, “Happens Like Us,” is a Top 13 hit and climbing on the Billboard Country Singles chart.

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