Newcomer Jimmie Allen will release his debut album, called Mercury Lane, on October 12th. It will feature his current hit single, “Best Shot.” Mercury Lane takes its name from the street Jimmie grew up on and pays tribute to the influence home and family has had on his journey. Fans will instantly receive six songs with a pre-order of Mercury Lane, including “Best Shot,” “Underdogs,” “21,” “Warrior,” “Back of Your Mind” and “Make Me Want To,” a brand-new track that highlights the singer’s hopeless romantic side.

Jimmie said, “Mercury Lane is where my journey began. All of the fundamental life lessons that shaped my values and make me who I am today, I was taught on that street—its where I learned about love, family, life, how to believe in myself, the concept of never giving up, following your dreams and being a good person. This album touches on all of those ideals and truly feels like I’m sharing a piece of my heart with the world. I’ve been working toward this moment for so long; I can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

Jimmie make his national TV debut on October 9th on NBC’s Today show.

Source: Pulse of Radio

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