Jordan Davis earns the Number One most-added song at country radio this week with his new single “Take It From Me.” The song was co-written by Jordan for his recently-released debut album, Home State. He tells us: “‘Take It From Me’ is a song I wrote with my brother and Jason Gantt. I remember I’d always loved that saying, ‘take it from me,’ just because growing up I got told that a lot. Take it from me, don’t do this or that. It was actually Jacob’s title that he brought in, and I remember when we kinda started thinking about writing it from that perspective. You know, that kind of advice-giving way. I kind of just wanted to flip it on its head. And I remember one of the examples that I threw out was about the T-shirt, the T-shirt line. We always said how like for some reason girls always run off with your most comfortable T-shirt, and we were able to get that into song and the chorus. That was one where Jason just already had a really cool groove already going and we had a lot of fun in that one.”

Jordan’s debut single, “Singles You Up,” just topped the country airplay chart.

He is nominated for “Radio Disney Country Best New Artist” at the upcoming Radio Disney Music Awards taking place on June 22nd in Los Angeles.

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