Josh Turner releases his new album, Deep South, today (Friday, March 10th), nearly five years after the release of his last studio album, Punching Bag, in 2012. Josh tells us that a lot has happened since then in his life, which is reflected on the album. [“I learned a lot through that process, and I think I grew as a writer and as an artist. But there’s been a lot of life that’s been lived in those four years too. It’s not just the musical aspect, but the life stuff affects the music side of things. There’s been health things that have happened. We had a child since I started this record making process. The business itself has changed a lot, and there’s been a lot of changes on the business side for me. So, it’s just a really culmination of all that – life and lessons and age and just the kinds of songs that I came across, the kinds of songs I wrote, just the backstories on all of it. It’s been cool to see all of that stuff kind of being boiled down to this project, Deep South.”] SOUNDCUE (:53 OC: . . . project, Deep South.)

Josh heads to NBC’s Today show on March 14th to perform his Top 15 hit “Hometown Girl.” Before heading to New York, Josh takes to the road for Deep South album release events across the southeast including in Orlando, Lakeland and Ocala, FL today; Atlanta, GA  on Saturday (March 11th) and Birmingham, AL on Sunday (March 12th).

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