Josh Turner is sitting at Number Three on the country charts with “Hometown Girl,” which is from his new album, Deep South. In the songs on the project, including his current single, Josh writes and sings about growing up in the South — specifically Hannah, South Carolina — and being proud of that culture.

He tells us about sharing his enviable childhood in his music: ["I kind of describe my childhood and my upbringing as kind of a paradise in a way, because I was pretty blessed. Not everybody had the kind of upbringing that I had and I’m very thankful that I had it, and I’m glad I had it because I’m a writer and I’m a creator and I’m a singer and so I take joy in trying to paint that picture for people whether they had it or not. It’s like if they had it they can relate to it, and if they didn’t have it, they get to thinking it’s like wow, that would be awesome to have.”] SOUNDCUE (:32 OC: . . . awesome to have.)

Josh has an acoustic date in Louisville on April 20th, followed by a full-band show on April 22nd in Tucson, Arizona.

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