Justin Moore recently announced his fourth headlining tour, the Hell On A Highway tour, which will kick off on October 13th with opening act Dylan Scott.  The tour is named after a track on Justin’s Kinda Don’t Care album, and it turns out Justin has Luke Bryan to thank for the song and the name of the tour. He tells us: [“’Hell on a Highway’ was one of the earlier outside songs that I found for the album.  Somebody sent me that song and immediately I loved it.  And I sent whoever had sent me the song, ‘Hey, I want that song,’ and they said, ‘Well, Luke Bryan’s got it on hold.’  And I go, well, if Luke wants it he’s gonna get it.  So I played it for my record label president, Scott Borchetta, and he said, ‘We have to get this song.’  And so I said, ‘Well I’ll just text or call Luke,’ and I don’t remember which one I did, but he hit me back and said, ‘Man, if you love it, take it.’  And that speaks volumes of the type guy that Luke is.  Luke and I have known each other since either of us had a record deal so we’ve known each other a long time.”] SOUNDCUE (:34 OC: . . . a long time.)

The Hell On A Highway tour will run all the way through April 2018.

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