Justin Moore celebrated his latest Number One hit, "You Look Like I Need A Drink" with a party in Nashville yesterday (Tuesday, February 21st). The singer tells us that while each Number One is special, this one takes on a deeper meaning. ["This one's really cool because this one's kind of a comeback from a bit of a departure from not only radio. We were, I think, a year without a new single, and so you know you would like to think if you take a little bit of time off like that people wouldn't forget about you and move right along to the next guy, and you would also like to think the relationships that you made with radio were valid ones and genuine and the fact that this song was a big record I think solidified those thoughts and so it was really special for me to get back on the radio, especially to kick off a new album which we took three years to put out, so the fact that we took the extended break and came back out of the gate with a big record, Number One record is really, really special."] SOUNDCUE (:54 OC: . . . really, really special.)

Justin is currently climbing the charts with "Someone Else Will," the second single off his Kinda Don't Care album.

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