Security has become a big issue at venues around the world, and while it's import to Keith Urban, he's not changing his plan to get up close and personal with his fans at arenas and amphitheaters. He tells us: “I still do. Obviously the security at the venues has gone through the roof in all the right ways, but everybody still wants to have a great time and I want to give them everything I've got and make a connection. I don't want that to change, you know? It's a very tricky thing cause I think when you start to lose that the whole thing is just . . . then it's just all 'what are we doing this for?' I'm doing this to make a connection. I'm doing it to bring people together, too. You can go out there and 70,000 people can agree on something for an hour or so. That's amazing! That never happens. Everybody's on board. They're all in the zone and they're all literally singing the same song. It's beautiful.” in St. Louis with special guest Kelsea Ballerini.

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