Kenny Chesney has launched his only official charity, Love For Love City, to benefit US and British Virgin Islands' victims of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Kenny stated, "Getting supplies in is hard, finding places for workers to stay is even harder now that Hurricane Maria has done so much damage to St. Croix. Because it’s so hard to get even the basic supplies in, let alone the news media. People really aren’t seeing how devastating these hurricanes have been." As a resident of the Islands, Kenny is doing what he can to help. You'll find more information on his website, including Love For Love City merchandise with proceeds going to residents.


Kenny Chesney’s music, including his latest hit “All the Pretty Girls,” has connected with a lot of fans. He tells us that making that connection is important to him…[“Being the thing that translates the emotion into somebody’s heart, there’s a certain responsibility that comes along with that. And when somebody comes up to you and says that you did that very well, and that they were moved by it and that they were touched by it, or it changed their life in some way, or that it made ’em think a little more about their own life, that’s the ultimate compliment that a fan can give you.”] SOUNDCUE (:28 OC: that a fan can give you)

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