Kip Moore's new album, Slowheart, is a reflection of his life over the past couple of years. As co-writer on all but two of the 13 songs, Kip tells us this project is a snapshot of the life he's lived since the release of his 2015 release, Wild Ones, including some revealing tracks. ["They're pretty personal. I wouldn't say that all of them are 100 percent. Songs like 'Guitar Man' is about as autobiographical as I can get and there's some that are definitely speaking about people that've had massive impacts on my life. There's songs about being at peace with where I'm at in my life. The main thing is I'm definitely very, very present with who I am on this record and where I was at in the process of making this record. I'm never gonna be one of those people that's trying to hold on to nostalgic things or holding on to a teenage audience in hopes that they're gonna buy my records. I'm not gonna sing about things that are irrelevant to my life at that time. Now, I'll do it in a show. I'm gonna sing 'Somethin' 'Bout A Truck' and those songs but when I'm making an actual record that record that I'm making at that time is gonna pertain to where I'm at in my life now."] SOUNDCUE (:52 OC: . . . my life now.)

Slowheart is available everywhere today (Friday, September 8th).

It features his current Top 10 hit, "More Girls Like You."

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