As Lauren Alaina was preparing to make her second album, Road Less Traveled, contrary to the title of her new single, her life was not "doin' fine." What should have been an exciting time for the singer was overshadowed by the events of her personal life. Lauren shares that her parents were in the process of getting a divorce, and she had the feeling of being pulled in a bunch of different directions, but her co-writer and producer, Busbee, helped Lauren cut through all of that to find her “voice” as a songwriter.

She tells us: [“You know, it was a really hard time for me because the first album came out so quickly and then this one was quite a bit slower . . . I had no idea it was going to be as slow as it was (laughs) . . . but, it was a really hard time because I wasn’t sure . . . I felt like I had a million people tell me what they thought I should say, and busbee never did that. Busbee was the one who was like ‘What do you want to say? What are you going through right now? What is happening to you in your life?’ And I was like (fake crying) ‘My parents are going through a divorce’ and I just lost it in this write. But it was the first time that I thought ‘Oh, I should write about me, and what’s actually happening.’ And he, really helped me with that. He really, really helped me to realize that honesty is what works.”] SOUNDCUE (:48 OC: . . . is what works.)

"Doin' Fine" is the followup to Lauren's Number One hit "Road Less Traveled."

Lauren is set to hit the road with Cole Swindell on his The Reason to Drink tour, kicking off on February 15th in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

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