Tonight (Thursday, July 12th) marks the kickoff of The Band Wagon tour with co-headliners Little Big Town and Miranda Lambert. They play their first show in Charlotte, NC, with weekend stops scheduled for Cincinnati, OH on Friday (July 13th) and Noblesville, IN on Saturday (July 14th).

The two acts are friends and fans of one another, and have created a tour which is heavy on the collaborations, as Kimberly Schlapman and Phillip Sweet tell us: “She's gonna be super hard to tour with (band laughs). I'm not sure what's gonna happen. We love her. We've loved her forever and we were fans first and then friends and been talking about trying to do something together on the road and finally all the schedules worked out so we're gonna make it happen this summer and it's gonna be a true collaboration which we've never really done. (Phillip) Yeah. (Kimberly) Ever. (Phillip) We're gonna sing some songs. She's gonna sing her little set and then we're gonna do equally as long a set together. It's gonna be like a big jam. The best thing about Miranda is that she's such a lover of music and we can sit on a patio and open a bottle of wine and just have a great jam session with her and so that's gonna be kind of what this party's gonna be.”

The Band Wagon tour runs through the end of August.

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