Little Big Town's new album, The Breaker, arrives at stores and digital retailers today Friday (February 24th). The collection, which features their current Number One single “Better Man,” was written and recorded during one of their busiest and most successful years to-date, sandwiched in between the Wanderlust album produced by Pharrell Williams and their non-stop tour scheduled with headliner Luke Bryan. Needless to say, the group wasn't able to write as much as with previous projects, as Karen Fairchild tells us: ["The writing scenarios on the record might not look like they have on past records, but it was just the way it was going to happen. I mean, when you’re that busy it’s like the success also makes it difficult to like write all the time, because writing on the road is not the easiest thing in the world. You have a million distractions, and so there’s all kinds of things like getting focused. But we had also the blessing of having all of these incredible songs sent to us and they seemed to be piecing themselves together.”] SOUNDCUE (:47 OC: . . . piecing themselves together.)

Little Big Town will cap release day with the first date of their Ryman Auditorium residency in Nashville. The group plays tonight and tomorrow night (Saturday, February 25th) with opening act Ashley Monroe and some unannounced special guests.

The group is the first to ever have a residency at the Ryman, and making that happen as Opry members is definitely a full circle moment for group member Jimi Westbrook. Phillip Sweet explains: ["When Jimi was first coming to Nashville – he found this video — and he’s singing a song on the steps of The Ryman on the street. (Karen) We have to share that with everybody. It’s so cool. (Jimi) I was 23, or 24, and I was visiting Nashville for the first time and of course we had been all over. It was just me and a bunch of guy friends of mine and we were having a few cocktails and walking around town, and it was probably after midnight, one or two in the morning. And I have a video of it of me walking up on the steps of The Ryman, and I sang “I Love the Way You Love Me,” which was a huge song that year. So, I sing this little chorus, and then I go, ‘Jimi Westbrook of the Grand Ole Opry’ or something like that. It’s really cool to actually have had that moment and then turn around and now we’re the first people to have a residency there, it’s mindblowing. I would’ve never, even though I was dreaming big, I don’t know if I really thought that would happen or not. I hoped and dreamed."] SOUNDCUE (:58 OC: . . . hoped and dreamed.)

Little Big Town will pay a visit to NBC's Today show this morning.

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