There is no mistaking that Luke Bryan is a country boy. His brand new single is the title track of his latest album, “What Makes You Country,” and as Luke tells us, there are certain things that make him proudly country. “What makes me proud to be country, that’s a tough question what makes me proud? I mean I guess the fact that I’ve navigated so many aspects of this career and held onto being country in a lot of ways. I wake up, I get to go take my boys out and do country things. I’ve gotten to follow all my dreams and still – I’ve gotten to follow all my dreams and still kind of remain true to who I am as a person. So yeah, that’s what makes me proud to be country. And I feel like my lifestyle hopefully has inspired some people to be positive and have fun and not take yourself too seriously. I think people understand me to just that and not be too serious all the time. Life is serious enough and so when I’m on stage I just try to – I just try to be as country as I can and let people see that and let people have fun with that.” with shows in Rochester, New York and his XL Stadium tour at Ford Field in Detroit.

Source: Pulse of Radio

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