Luke Combs recently celebrated the success of his latest Number One hit, "When It Rains It Pours." He co-wrote the song, which is about a breakup, but ironically, Luke tells us he was in a relationship when he sat down with his co-writers to pen this tune. ["I was actually dating someone at the time so there may have been some subconscious thoughts going on there when we wrote that song, so, yeah, we kind of all talked about how we've been in that situation where it was like you're kind of waiting to get out or maybe you didn't realize that you wanted to get out and then you did and you're like, 'Man, what a relief! What a great thing,' so I think we played on that well (and) turned it into a fun thing. I don't think that breakups have to be horrible all the time, at least not for both people, I guess. I guess it's always terrible for someone probably or maybe both people — I don't know — but we just wanted to have fun with it."] SOUNDCUE (:39 OC: . . . fun with it.)

Luke is climbing the charts with his latest single, "One Number Away." It's the the third single from his debut album, This One's For You.

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