Luke Combs is not quite anti-Halloween, but it's not his favorite holiday. He tells us that one obstacle in particular has tainted his view: “Luke Combs is not a traditional Halloween fan I guess you would say. When you were a 3X there’s not a lot of cool costumes that come in your size. So, I usually just tell people I’m being an adult for Halloween and then I just kind of wear the clothes I would normally wear. I think if you are not trick or treating, don’t wear a costume, you know? If you’re not- If you’re not (makes knocking sound) If you’re not getting Kit Kats you know, wear some jeans or something, you know? Anyways, I don’t wanna be the grinch of Halloween either though. If I could wear cool costumes I would, I’m just mad that I’ve eaten too many hamburgers, but anyways.” in Birmingham, AL with special guest LANCO and newcomer Jameson Rodgers.

Source: Pulse of Radio

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