Luke Combs has reclaimed the Number One spot on the country album charts this week with his debut album, This One’s For You. The project was released in June and includes his debut chart-topping hit, "Hurricane," along with his current Top 10 hit, “When It Rains It Pours.”

Luke tells us about the kind of songs that fans will be able to find on This One’s For You. [“Sonically speaking, there’s a lot of fun stuff, a lot of tempo stuff and then there’s a lot of slower more I guess reflective songs. The title track is pretty reflective and I never try to, especially as a song writer, put myself in any kind of a box. I just love writing and when I go in, I just want to write whatever the best song is going to be that day. I don’t ever go in and say ‘Hey I need this kind of a song or I need that kind of a song,’ I just write whatever me and my buddies land on and that’s what this album is, a collection of, essentially what I think are the 12 best songs that I had written from the time that I moved to Nashville until I recorded the album. So that kind of what I try to do with it.”] SOUNDCUE (:41 OC: . . . do with it.)

Luke will head out on his first headlining tour this fall.

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