Maren Morris is one of three artists chosen worldwide to partner with premiere audio giant BOSE in launching “Bring the Micro;” a special campaign highlighting the sound quality and portability of BOSE’s newest speaker, the SoundLink Micro. The “Bring the Micro” campaign will feature three digital films featuring Maren, pop star Niall Horan and up-and-coming UK singer Ray BLK. The short films will show how mundane moments can be spontaneous when the artist remembers to “Bring the Micro.”

The short films were shot in London and Nashville, and showcase a creative twist which sees the artist perform classic tracks.

The first film, featuring Maren, premiered yesterday (Monday, November 13th), followed by Niall’s on November 20th, and Ray BLK’s on November 27th across the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany.

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