Maren Morris' new single, "I Could Use A Love Song," is one she co-wrote on the heels of a bad breakup with an ex. In fact, it was the catalyst for her entire debut album, Hero, as she tells us: ["I wrote it right after I went through this breakup that really put the whole Hero album into motion. I wrote it with my friends Laura Veltz and Jimmy Robbins, and like I was initially going through it but they had also been through those moments like most of us probably have who've been through a relationship that didn't end well – that sort of cynical side that comes out when you're feeling burned or maybe you're the cause of the breakup but there's like this feeling and this cynicism that creeps in that just tells you like you know exactly how every relationship from now on is gonna go because they're all the same (laughs) and so it's about that feeling but also fighting past it and realizing all good things eventually come to an end and if you want to look back on it in negativity it's not healthy for anyone so there has to be this light at the end of the tunnel."] SOUNDCUE (:58 OC: . . . of the tunnel.)

Maren is also climbing the charts with "Craving You," a duet she recorded with Thomas Rhett for his upcoming album.

Maren heads to Indio, CA this weekend for a performance at Stagecoach Country Music Festival on Saturday (April 29th).

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