Maren Morris fans beware — if Maren signs something for you, do NOT try to make money off it! The singer cheered on her band member who took on someone trying to sell the singer's signed merchandise on eBay with a couple of posts on Twitter on Friday (December 16th). Apparently this man had gotten one of Maren's autographed picks and placed it for sale on the popular site for $100.

Maren first tweeted, “My guitar player is kind of a badass. He bid $5 on a pick guard I politely signed which the eBay guy marked up for $100, his profit,” then followed it with, “eBay guy: This isn't a charity. Ben: Neither is Maren Morris.” She ended by tweeting, “I will gladly take pictures and sign autographs, but it blows when people just use it for profit and they aren't even fans. But I laughed!”

Maren's autograph might be worth quite a bit seeing as she heads into the 2017 Grammy Awards with nominations in the all-genre Best New Artist category as well as Best Country Album for Hero. The Grammys take place on February 12th in Los Angeles.

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