Midland is set to join Little Big Town on The Breakers Tour next year. What their audience will hear is a musical style that has been compared to that of the 70's and 80's… and their wardrobe reflects that era too. Lead singer Mark Wystrach tells us – it's all very authentic: [“We dress a little bit flashy, like we like to do it. We like to express ourselves in our style and our fashion and it makes us feel good and it just happens to be, again and it’s one of those things how crazy it is that not only did the three of us meet and we were raised you know up at the northwest, central California and southeastern Arizona, and the fact that the three of us met in a city of megalopolis of Los Angeles surrounded by 60 million people. But again, it’s that we have the same taste, we love the same things, we have the same references. Also, look, we are creatives and we like to express ourselves.”] SOUNDCUE (:33 OC: we like to express ourselves)

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