Chris Stapleton’s From A Room: Volume 2 comes out today (December 1st.) The multiple Grammy winner sold way beyond his expectations on his first album and says his main goal is still the same. Here's what Chris told us: ["None of this was expected stuff. What were you trying to do? What are we trying to do? We’re trying to make music that we like and make a record that we like. So, very much I would love to be able to sell enough records that I can still go play shows and keep making records. That’s the goal. That’s the dream, whether it’s 20,000 records or 50,000 records or getting to play a room for 300 people or 20,000 people. That’s the dream still. I’m still making a living playing music. So, no, I didn’t feel any pressure from it whatsoever, because all that came from just making music for the sake of making music.”] SOUNDCUE (:38 OC: sake of making music)

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