By now you'd think the guys in Old Dominion would be used to playing to sold-out crowds on the road but that doesn't seem to be the case, atleast not for lead singer Matthew Ramsey. Old Dominion has been headlining shows for a while now, but as Matthew tells us, he's always surprised by the size of the crowds that show up just to see them. [“I am still, because we toured for so long, I still wonder if anyone is going to come to the show (laughs). Its still hard to wrap your head around. We played in Delaware and it was a big field with a huge outdoor stage and you know there were thousands and thousands and thousands of people. We’ve played a lot of those but we’ve been the band that plays the little side stage or whatever and its hard to wrap your head around the fact that that’s no, you are headlining the show and these people are coming to see you. So every show is still a surprise to me and the guys actually make fun of me sometimes because I’m always like, ‘Is there anyone here,’ and they’re like ‘Yes man, there’s going to be a lot of people here’ (Laughs), but we still have that sense that we want to prove ourselves to them and we want to make them come back and we want to make them feel like they get what they paid for or more than they paid for.”] SOUNDCUE (:55 OC: . . . they paid for.)

Old Dominion are in Valparaiso, IN tonight (Thursday, July 20th) to play the Porter County Fair.

Their new album, Happy Endings, will be released on August 25th.

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