Old Dominion say they got to enjoy the process of making and promoting their upcoming sophomore album, Happy Endings, more than they did the first time around. Lead singer Matthew Ramsey tells us that their debut project, Meat & Candy, was surrounded by a bit of a whirlwind. [“The first album, you know when we signed our record deal, we were so busy, we sign the contract at baggage claim in the airport because we were so busy. The album was already halfway made before we signed. So, it was like touring, making an album, had an EP, we signed a record deal, the song was already on the radio, we finished the album. It was just really a kind of hodgepodge way to make an album. This one was much more planned out, like ‘OK, now it’s time to start thinking about the second album. Let’s the songs together, get the marketing plan together.’ It’s definitely a much more calculated thing this time, which I’m excited to see what happens. Cause the first one seemed to work. So, I’m excited to see what happens with a little bit more intention put behind it.”] SOUNDCUE (:48 OC: . . . put behind it.)

Happy Endings arrives in stores and online on Friday (August 25th).

Their current single, “No Such Thing As A Broken Heart,” is closing in on the top spot on the country charts.

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