“Back to Life,” is the new single from Rascal Flatts, but there’s another song they recorded that's getting a lot of attention right now. “Chose to be My Friend” is their collaboration with contemporary Christian singer, Jason Crabb and they'll perform it on the upcoming Dove Awards. Gary LeVox and Jay DeMarcus told us this: Gary LeVox – We actually did a duet with Jason Crabb on his album and it’s his current single and he called and asked us if we’d like to debut it on the Dove Awards. So we were just thrilled to death to do it and we will go out there and knock it out, but our faith and that music—Christian music and faith-based music—is part of our DNA and it’s what we grew up on, so it’s going to be a blast to be in there with a bunch of our friends and a bunch of our heroes. Jay DeMarcus – “I went to my first Dove Award in 1993 and to be able to go back there and perform this year with Jason is pretty special. He’s one of the better singers you’ll ever hear in your life. And for he and Gary to sing this song together is going to be a real special moment. The two of them together are fantastic.” :

Source: Pulse of Radio

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