Rascal Flatts is working on a new album that they hope to release in either late spring or early summer, and just as they did on their recent Christmas album and their last studio album, the group is producing it themselves. Jay DeMarcus tells us that putting on the producer hat is a process that has happened naturally over several years. [“I don’t think we could have done it 10 years ago, like when we were like running at such a harried pace and things are happening at a breakneck speed.  We needed someone else to help us make decisions and guide the ship. But it’s really fun now to be a little older a little more mature and not be so caught up on so many petty little things.  So it’s kind of nice that we can all get in there now and just work toward one goal and be very relaxed.  We don’t really, you know, this sounds so bad, we want to prove more but the pressure’s off. We don’t have to prove anything else. We want to prove it to ourselves that we can be better than we were before, and that’s what’s important.”] SOUNDCUE (:36 OC: . . . that's what's important.)

Rascal Flatts’ latest single, “Yours If You Want It,” is the first release off their upcoming album. The song is a Top 25 hit on the Billboard country chart.

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