New trio Runaway June recently paired up with Chase Bryant to record a new version of Little Big Town's chart-topping hit, "Better Man." Chase did a little rewrite on the lyrics to present the song from a different point of view, as Runaway June's Naomi Cooke tells us: ["It was all Chase's idea. He asked us to do it with him. He said he had this idea to sing that song from a man's perspective and we thought that was brilliant, and then he asked us to join him on it which was so cool. It was so nice and so fun and I think it turned out really cool. I mean, I hadn't thought about it like that, but he killed it! He's such a good singer. He's amazing."] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . singer. He's amazing.)

Chase first shared the song on social media a few weeks ago writing, "I had goosebumps the first time I ever heard Little Big Town perform 'Better Man.' Thank you for the inspiration @littlebigtown and @taylorswift. Here’s my take on the song with my friends @runawayjuneofficial."

Runaway June's debut single is called "Lipstick."

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