Sam Hunt claims the top spot on the Billboard chart this week with “Body Like a Back Road,” which achieved the feat in just 12 weeks.  Sam co-wrote the song, which he tells us all began with a simple phrase that he came up with. [“You know, I try to think of titles or lines that’ll cross my mind and I’ll put ‘em in my phone, and this was one that I wanted to write for a while – the title ‘Body Like a Back Road’ – or use it as a lyric, do something with it. One night this melody got stuck in my head and the phrase ‘Body Like a Back Road’ sang perfectly to it and I wanted to write it because I thought it was a fun song, but I didn’t know for sure if I wanted to put it out. I didn’t want it to come across as objectifying women or be too, to lack depth and just, I don’t know. So, anyway, I had some concerns, but I tried to make it fun to offset any risks of those things happening, which made writing it fun, and I think that came across in the lyric and in the way we recorded it and everything else. When we finally finished it, it finally hit me as ‘Ok. Wait a minute. Maybe I underestimated the potential of this song. I think this could be a fun song and it will connect with folks.’ So, at that point, I was excited to put it out and fortunately folks have enjoyed it.”] SOUNDCUE (:54 OC: . . . have enjoyed it.)

Sam wrote the song with his producer, Zach Crowell, and his songwriter friends Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne.

“Body Like a Back Road” is the first release from his yet untitled upcoming album.

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