Shania Twain saw her brand new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville last night (Tuesday, June 27th) for the first time. The display, called Shania Twain: Rock This Country, opens to the public on Friday (June 30th), but the superstar and several music industry VIPs were invited to take an early tour of the exhibit preceded by a few remarks from Shania, who turned her focus to the fans.

She has been without new music for nearly 15 years, but in that time Shania says she made some important self-discoveries. ["What I longed for a lot was just getting reacquainted, reunited I guess is a better word, with my largest group of supporters, the fans. And I realized how much I missed them and I . . . in speeding past  the 90's and all of the craziness of that, which was beautifully crazy but I never got to enjoy the moment and I was just racing on to the next thing, racing on to the future, and I didn't really appreciate the fans the way I do now. Now when I'm in concert I see them as a lifeline and as people that I understand and the people that I write the music for." SOUNDCUE (:54 OC: . . . the music for.)

Fans will get an up-close look at some of Shania's most prized possessions while visiting the HOF's Rock This Country display, including an outfit she wore while cutting her teeth as an entertainer at Deerhurst Resort in Toronto, the clothing she wore in her unforgettable "Man, I Feel Like A Woman" video and several of her industry awards.

Shania Twain: Rock This Country runs through July 15, 2018.

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