Sugarland is out on their Still the Same Tour this summer and are playing some songs from their latest album, Bigger. Brandy Clark and Clare Bowen are on the road with them, and that means more than you might think. Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles explain: “We’ve always really thought and kind of learned it, I’d say from Kenny Chesney, to put as many great artists on in front of you as possible because your fan deserves an incredible show. And people get picked as opening acts for a million different reasons. And sometimes it can be confusing to try to sort out why I’m watching someone in front of someone else. And while some days we’ve been confusing most of the time it’s just cause we’re big fans. Yeah, just because we like them more than anything else. I mean sometimes you know it’s nice to offer support to a label mate or sometimes those kinds of things can happen. But for the most part it’s just people who we like.”

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