Summertime means festival concert season, which happens to be a favorite of Thomas Rhett's. One of the things he loves is an artist's ability to gain new fans, as he tells us: “There’s a wide variety of people, people that know who you are, people that have heard of you, but never seen you live. And it’s a place where a bunch of new artists can actually get a name for themselves. And for people like me who have been playing festivals for five or six years, it’s just one of those places that it’s kind of like you keep moving up in the ranks. Like you go on at 4:00, next year you go on at 5:00, next year you go on at 6:00, and now here we are playing at 9:15. And it’s just really cool to have seen what a year can do for your career, and these festivals are what most country fans look forward to every year. It’s like finally summertime, finally good weather and three or four straight days of just people that they can’t wait to see.” at Sports Authority Field in Denver. He will resume his own Life Changes tour this fall.

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