Anybody watching Thomas Rhett’s career at this point can clearly see that his star is rising incredibly quickly. He's charted several Number One hits as both a singer and songwriter and his first jump to headliner has proven to be a success, but can he feel his star rising from inside the fish bowl? He tells us: [“No, I think you got to be on the outside to know. I think for me personally I’m just trying to enjoy the ride and trying to cherish all these great moments because we have gotten to do a lot of cool stuff over the past couple of years, and especially this year getting to headline, and having a baby, and putting a record out is probably the busiest year of my life. But it’s a lot of good things I’ll remember for a lifetime.”] SOUNDCUE (:19 OC: . . . for a lifetime.)

Thomas' personal life is just as crazy with the adoption of daughter Willa Gray this spring and the impending birth of his second daughter, who is due on August 8th.

Thomas is preparing to release his next album later this year featuring his latest single, “Craving You.” The Maren Morris collaboration currently sits in the Top Five on the country charts.

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