This Sunday (June 17th) will mark Thomas Rhett’s first Father’s Day with both of his daughters. Thomas says Willa Gray and Ada James have definitely changed him for the better. He explains: “I would hope that the people in this room think that I’ve become a more patient person. I think when you have kids you’re kind of forced to change a lot of stuff about yourself and your old habits because life really does change whether you want it to or not. And so I feel like I’ve become somewhat of a more laid back human being. Things that used to bother me don’t bother me anymore because there’s a lot bigger fish to fry when you have kids. But they have made me just a better person all around and I would do anything for those two little girls. And it’s been really cool to have ‘em on the road with me this year. It just makes the road feel a whole lot more like home and I feel like I can be away a lot more and not be as homesick.” , Thomas will be with Kenny Chesney at Mapfre Stadium in Columbus, OH for a Trip Around The Sun tour stop. The show will also include performances by Old Dominion and Brandon Lay.

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