Thompson Square's new album, Masterpiece, won't be released until June 1st but the duo have revealed the project’s official track list. Of the 11 brand new songs on Masterpiece, nine of them were written or co-written by either Keifer or Shawna Thompson.

Here is the complete track listing:

1. “Masterpiece” (Keifer Thompson) 2. “Up in Smoke” (Brad Warren, Brett Warren, Keifer Thompson, Shawna Thompson) 3. “Millionaires” (Marv Green, Catt Gravitt, Courtney Cole) 4. “Stupid Girls Stupid Boys” (Ben Caver, Sara Haze, AJ Pruis, Laura Veltz) 5. “Let’s Do Something Stupid” (Jason Lehning, Keifer Thompson) 6. “Stuck in My Head” (Brad Warren, Brett Warren, Keifer Thompson, Shawna Thompson) 7. “Good Day” (Erik Belz, Frank Rogers, Keifer Thompson, Shawna Thompson) 8. “I Know This Guy” (Mike Fiorentino, Keifer Thompson) 9. “A Love Like This” (Cary Barlowe, Keifer Thompson) 10. “Make It Rain” (Emily Weisband, Marv Green, Keifer Thompson) 11. “Breakers” (Marti Dodson, Patrick Droney, Keifer Thompson)

Masterpiece marks Keifer and Shawna’s first album release in more than five years.

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