Tim McGraw has been happily married to Faith Hill for 20 years, and he's seen his share of Valentine's Days. Tim says that while he makes sure to come through on the romantic holiday, he's learned it's important to make everyday special.

He tells us: ["I try to feel like it's more of an all year round thing but I try to do something. Some times are better than others. It depends on how much time that I have or how lazy I'm being. But, I do pretty well most of the time. Sometimes they're bigger than others, sometimes they're just very simple. Faith has a rose garden so she loves being around her rose garden and cuttin' roses and stuff. So, I've been finding these antique vases to get her for several occasions, so those have been pretty cool."] SOUNDCUE (:25 OC: . . . been pretty cool.)

Tim and Faith will kick off their Soul2Soul The World Tour 2017 in New Orleans on April 7th and will play in 65 cities before wrapping up in October.

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