Tim McGraw & Faith Hill have released their first album together.  Official out today (Friday) The Rest Of Our Life is not only the title of the album, but it’s also the name of their new single. Tim & Faith talk about how the title came to be: [“We thought about it for a while we wondered what the title was gonna be…”Faith: “that song came in later too, we were essentially done with the record and the song came in….”Tim: “and we thought we had to cut it because it was such a beautiful song…” Faith: “and as soon as we did it was it was obvious it should be the title honestly…”Tim: “I think we kicked around ‘The Bed We Made’ we kicked around for a little while which was a cool title I thought, that might have been the only other idea that we had we were sort of trying to figure out a good idea for the album title and this song came in and it just wiped everything else out."] SOUNDCUE (:31 OC: wiped everything else out)

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