Tim McGraw is partnering with Snap Fitness to open a line of fitness centers, called Tru Mav Signature Clubs, which will reportedly reflect his music and workouts.The name of the gym comes from the phrase "true maverick," and the first facilities are tentatively set to open later this year. According to Snap Fitness founder and chief executive Peter Taunton, Tim and Snap Fitness will be 50-50 equity partners.

Elements of the superstar's workout routines which will be incorporated into Tru Mav include special cardio or strength-building equipment hand-picked by Tim, who will also be hands-on in the look of the workout space and, of course, the music.

Tim works out both at home and on the road, carrying a trailer filled with crossfit equipment from city to city. Tim tells us his workouts can last hours: ["A lot of people say it’s hard to work out at home and you’d rather be at home, but for me it’s easier on the road because we have five or six guys in the band and in the crew that work out with us. So it usually starts out with 10 or 15 people and about an hour and a half, two hours into it, it ends up being about five and then it finally dwindles down to one or two left.”] SOUNDCUE (:18 OC: down to one or two)

Tim and Faith Hill's Soul2Soul The World tour stops in Fargo, ND tonight (Thursday, August 24th).

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