If you follow Midland on social media, you may have noticed that bassist Cameron Duddy had been showing up pant-less a lot recently. Seems he and bandmate, Jess Carson got a little too much sun when the band was in Panama City Beach. Lead singer Mark Wystrach explains: “There was some oil that we bought, like a tanning oil, and long story short, Cameron had not been in the sun, and Jess, for a long, long time and they were exposed to about six hours of Florida white sand beach sun and they literally gave themselves sun poisoning. And got sunburned so bad that their skin was swelling. And these guys could not get any relief. So there’s a video of Cam rubbing aloe, about every hour he would just pull his pants down and just start rubbing aloe everywhere he could. These guys were miserable for about seven days after that. A lot of pain.”

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