Trace Adkins' 12th studio album, Something's Going On, arrives at retail today (Friday, March 31st). It features his current single, "Watered Down," which speaks to life after 40.

It's been four years since Trace released a new album, and he tells us this time around he was able to slow down and experiment a bit. [“I didn’t set out with any kind of them or anything like that. We just took our time with it. There was nobody breathing down my neck. I didn’t have to be in a hurry. I just recorded what I wanted to record and (producer) Mickey (Jack Cones) challenged me with a few things to just see if I’d be game, you know, to do it, and so we had fun doing that. I found those two or three songs that I thought would be album cuts that really were autobiographical and spoke to where I find myself these days, where my head’s at like ‘Watered Down’ and then we did the rest of the stuff just for fun.”] SOUNDCUE (:42 OC: . . . just for fun.)

Trace will co-host the 9 a.m. ET hour of NBC's Today show this morning.

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