Newcomer Travis Denning has released the music video for his debut single “David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs,” which premiered exclusively on CMT yesterday (Wednesday, July 11th). The clip illustrates a young college student acquiring his first fake ID and the adventures that go along with using such classic college paraphernalia. Spoiler alert – it also includes a surprise cameo from the real David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs!

“David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs” is Travis' first Top 40 single and it’s something that he’s worked towards his entire life. The Georgia native began performing when he was a teenager, and he tells us it's the only job he's ever had. “When I was 16 all the way through high school, my job was playing music; that’s how I made money. My weekends were spent in restaurants, bars, clubs, and my parents would be there, schlepping around my gear for me and helping me out, but they loved it. I think they just saw, I think they shared the vision I did, which I’m very thankful for. I think they saw that it was all going to lead to this. Sitting there, building your craft, working on it, like putting the work in, and I’m very fortunate to have folks like that.”

Travis moved to Nashville in 2014 and within a year signed a publishing deal, getting outside cuts by Jason Aldean, Justin Moore, Michael Ray and Chase Rice. He's currently working on his debut album.

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