Garth Brooks is known for being more than generous with gift giving. In the past, he once flew Trisha Yearwood's entire family out to see her when she couldn't get home for Christmas. In a recent interview, Trisha was asked what she plans to give him for Christmas this year. Laughing, she told Taste of Country: “You can never go wrong with, like, underwear and sweatpants.” In sincerity she said that he mostly appreciates “family-related gifts.

She didn't give up the surprise, but she did say she's planning something pretty special. As for what she expects from garth this Christmas, Trisha said she looks forward to getting something that's sentimental, and that mean something.” She went on to say, “He's always so thoughtful. I'm the one who's trying to be as thoughtful as him, but he always wins.”

Last week when the couple celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary, while on stage together, Garth sang to her, “To Make You Feel My Love.”

Source: Taste of Country

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