When fans hear Walker Hayes sing “You Broke Up With Me,” they relate to it in one way, but the real story behind the song in might surprise you. Walker explains: [“I’ll tell you, honest to goodness, the real core of the idea of the song, from my heart, was about Nashville. I’ve been around Nashville for 13 years. I’ve had multiple record deals, and have lost them. So when things are kind of going good for me now, there’s definitely people crawling out of the woodwork saying ‘Hey, you want to write again?’ and stuff like that. These are people that when things weren’t going so great, they didn’t really want to hang, they didn’t really want to work with me, they didn’t want to get the families together. Now that they’re calling, my attitude is somewhat of a ‘Hey, you broke up with me.’ I didn’t run from you, you stopped calling me. And that was the original idea for the song.”] SOUNDCUE (:42 OC: . . . for the song.)

"You Broke Up With Me" is a Top 35 hit and climbing on the country charts.

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