Blake Shelton joined the writers of his latest Number One hit, "God's Country" — Devin Dawson, Hardy and Jordan Schmidt — for a celebration in Nashville yesterday (Wednesday, August 7th) at Blake's Ole Red venue. Blake said he was so excited about the song the moment he heard it that he headed into the studio the very next week to record it. Not only that, but Blake tells us "God's Country" has been pivotal in changing his mindset about his career. ["If I said, 'Hey, man, my last record kind of felt like things are slippin', this is sloughin' off here a little bit, you know,' people would say to me, 'What are you talkin' about? You had a Number One song on there. The album's gold. It's a platinum single, ' all these things but still, you kind of feel it, you know, and so I was back home in Oklahoma and (producer) Scott (Hendricks) sent me 'God's Country.' I stopped and I called Scott. I go, 'Man, that's literally the kind of song that I feel like makes me want to make another record. That kind of reignites my excitement for, not for country music, but for what I do in country music.'"] SOUNDCUE (:40 OC: . . . in country music.)

While Blake has recorded a few songs, he says he's not thinking about releasing an album anytime soon.

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