One look at Brantley Gilbert and you know he's a fan of tattoos as he's got more than a few. He's also been the subject of tattoos inked on his fans, including song lyrics, his signature and even his face. While Brantley is flattered by anyone who would permanently mark themselves in tribute to him, he admits the face tattoos are a little extreme. “To me, yes, it’s extremely weird because if somebody gets my face, it’s my face on somebody else’s arm. But a lot of people will get song lyrics and stuff, and that’s really cool. It’s flattering and it’s an extreme case of one of the most rewarding things about what I do for a living, is when somebody comes up and says, ‘Hey man, this song helped me through this.' As far as my signature and my face go, maybe my signature is a reminder of a song that means something to ‘em or maybe something happened at a show that’s memorable to ‘em. The face thing . . . Yeah . . . yeah . . . uh, yeah (laughs).

Brantley recently kicked off his Not Like Us Tour with Michael Ray and Lindsay Ell.

He and Lindsay are climbing the charts with their current duet, “What Happens in a Small Town.”

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