Brantley Gilbert had a few ideas about what he wanted to do for a living before settling on music full time. In fact, some of his choices might surprise you. He tells us: [“I went to college for two years and figured it wasn’t for me. But I couldn’t decide between majors. At one point I thought about law enforcement. And then I looked around at me and my friends and knew that wasn’t an option.  So that quickly went away.  And you know, at one point I even thought I was gonna be a relationship counselor. You know, that sounded good, cause all girls would come to me with their problems and I’d write songs and talk ‘em through it and all that.  I was like, maybe I’d be good at that.  And I figured I’d be responsible for more divorces than social media when I really thought about it.  So that got X-ed out. I’d probably be coaching if I had to guess. I really enjoyed that. I got to coach some football where I went to high school, before I left, and I had a good time with that. So I’d say that’s probably a safe bet. I’d probably be teaching and coaching.”] SOUNDCUE (:41 OC: . . . teaching and coaching.)

Brantley seems to have made the right choice. After all, his current single and duet with Lindsay Ell, "What Happens In A Small Town," sits inside the Top 15 and climbing on the charts, in addition to being nominated for Musical Event of the Year at the upcoming CMA Awards.

Brantley's new album, Fire & Brimstone, will be released on October 4th.

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