Carly Pearce wrapped up 2018 by becoming the future Mrs. Michael Ray when he proposed to her in Riviera Maya, Mexico. She has no doubt that he's “the one,” and she tells us why: “Our grandfathers both played such key roles into our lives. The Pearce name is my grandfather – the red feather on my arm and my logo, all of that. Amos is his grandfather’s name that he named his record after. And where we’re going, who we were raised by, how we were raised, what we value – we both have very old souls. And I think what’s just important to us really lined up and what we prioritize and the kind of passions that we have, and we both are very driven people and our hearts are the same. I don’t know how I explain that. That sentence of ‘find the person that makes you better,’ and I was always like, ‘Well what does that even mean?’ Because nobody I’m with, really, I feel like makes me better. I’m very independent. So I was always like very against that statement cause I never understood what that meant. And I get it now.”

Carly heads out on tour with Russell Dickerson later this month.

In the meantime, she's climbing the charts with “Closer To You.”

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