Carly Pearce will release her brand new single featuring Lee Brice, today (Friday, September 27th) called “I Hope You’re Happy Now.” The song is based on a deeply personal moment in Carly’s life, and it’s full of raw emotion and honest accountability. While it wasn’t easy to write, Carly tells us she learned it is so important to be transparent with fans. “I think ‘Every Little Thing’ showed me how badly people want you to be vulnerable and be honest, so I think I challenged myself on this record to do the same, however, it is hard and it is difficult to figure out how much you’re gonna tell of the story. You don’t want to exploit someone too badly, especially on this side because it’s on the other side of a heartbreak, with me in the chair hurting someone. But I think it’s my duty as a songwriter, and my duty as an artist to be honest and be vulnerable, and this was such a large part of what’s happened to me in the last few years that I felt like it has to be told.”

Carly co-wrote “I Hope You're Happy Now” with Luke Combs, Jonathan Singleton and Randy Montana.

The song will be on Carly’s upcoming sophomore album, for which release details have not yet been announced.

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