Carly Pearce has a very public relationship with her fiancé Michael Ray. As his single reached #1, she posted in part: “I could say I’m proud, but that simply isn’t enough. Michael, the way you carry yourself through this industry – with class, a work ethic next to none, a fierce understanding of our genre and most importantly, with the biggest heart and love for everyone you meet… you inspire me every day.” She says he even inspired her to record her latest single. Carly tells us about the moment they fell in love. “I have known him for years. And there’s always been this, especially in the last year and a half, playing different radio shows, where I was thinking about him more than I should’ve. And I think we both posted, ‘One night at the Nashville Palace,’ which is a bar in Nashville, ‘changed everything.’ And I think we could both pinpoint the moment, that we both were sitting at the bar drinking vodka – which we all know I don’t drink vodka­, but I was drinking it for him. And we just looked at each other and we knew. And I don’t know how to explain that and I’ve never experienced that before. But that was what that post meant.”

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